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2023-96: Di Millo v Toronto Star

April 5, 2024 — for immediate release The National NewsMedia Council (NNC) has considered and dismissed a complaint about accuracy and context in a November 1, 2023 article, “Tories hold lead over Liberals, Canadians report limited trust in institutions: poll,” published by the Toronto Star. The complainant, Gus Di Millo, filed a complaint stating so-called ‘opt-in’ polls should not be used by media outlets as an accurate reflection of public opinion. The complainant argued these types of polls are not …

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2024-09: Wood v National Post

March 28, 2024 — for immediate release The NNC found that corrective action was taken by the news organization to address a concern about accuracy in a January 26, 2024, opinion article, “B.C. court’s shaky logic puts unrestricted drug use above rights of general public,” published by the National Post. The opinion column criticized a provisional ruling by the B.C. Supreme Court, which upheld a temporary ban on enforcing a law that prohibits illicit substance use in certain public spaces. …

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2023-111: Toney v National Post

March 12, 2024 — for immediate release The National NewsMedia Council has dismissed a complaint with reservation about language use and context in an October 16, 2023, article, “Here’s a list of key Hamas operatives killed by Israeli forces,” published by the National Post. Jason Toney, the director of media advocacy with Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East, filed a complaint stating concern that the article distributed by the content provider the Jewish News Syndicate, and re-published …

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Update from the Complaints Desk: March 2024

The National NewsMedia Council (NNC) has recently dealt with several complaints that question editorial decision-making surrounding the inclusion of certain information in news and opinion pieces.  The NNC understands the factors that inform news judgment are complex and depend on the nature, scope, and value of the story. The production and dissemination of ethical journalism consists of weighing a number of considerations, including deciding which context to include in a story about complex or sensitive matters, the public’s right to …

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2023-66: Kong v Goldstream Gazette & 2023-76: Kong v Times-Colonist

January 29, 2024 — for immediate release The National NewsMedia Council (NNC) dismissed two complaints from the same complainant about the accuracy of similar articles published by different media organizations. The first article was published in the July 13, 2023 of the Goldstream Gazette under the headline, “Federal bank clarifies it is not funding West Shore battery train pilot”. The second article was published in the July 25, 2023 issue of the Victoria Times-Colonist under the headline, “West Shore light …

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Update from the Complaints Desk: January 2024

Over the last few months, the National NewsMedia Council (NNC) has received a considerable number of complaints from individuals and organizations concerned with the use of language and arguments contained in opinion pieces. The nature of opinion writing provides readers with opportunities to see their own views reflected or, frequently, consider alternate perspectives on matters of public interest.  While readers may disagree with particular ideas or arguments, the NNC regularly explains that this, in itself, is not a breach of …

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