Notice of upcoming meeting

Notice of upcoming meeting

The next meeting of the National NewsMedia council will be held on Thursday, September 22, 2016 at 9:30 am EDT, in Toronto.

Please find below the meeting’s agenda and other documents that will be discussed.

  1.  Meeting agenda
  2.  Minutes from previous meeting
  3.  Financial reports
  4.  Nominations Committee report
  5.  Bylaws for approval
  6.  Governance Policy Manual
  7.  Draft agenda for December 2016 AGM
  8.  Updated complaints report

World Press Freedom Day, May 3

World Press Freedom Day, May 3: Canada plummeted ten points in the 2016 World Press Freedom Index, a list that is compiled annually by Reporters Without Borders.

The plunge, which takes our country out of the top ten and into a lackluster spot number 18, is attributable to lack of access to information imposed during “the dark days” of the Harper government. See:

RSF says that worldwide, journalists face increasing violence targeted at the media, state control that threatens democracy, and government misuse of counter-terrorism and counter-espionage laws.

The top ranking for World Press Freedom in 2016 goes to Finland. For Canadian journalists, it’s worth noting this from the April 2016 edition of “This is Finland” by Fran Weaver:

“Finland’s Council for Mass Media chairperson Elina Grundström emphasizes that long-standing Finnish legislation supports the freedom of the press by promoting transparency. “The Act on the Openness of Government Activities means all kinds of official documents are by default publicly available, except for very few documents justifiably designated as secret,” she says.

“…Finnish journalists appreciate this openness – which even extends to the tax payment records of individual citizens – as well as the relative approachability of Finnish politicians and business figures.”

See the full article at:

Australian Press Council 40th Anniversary

The Australian Press Council celebrated its four decades of serving both the public and the news media industry with a major international conference in Sydney between May 4-6.

At 40, the APC is a model for the new National NewsMedia Council of Canada and its assistance in helping set up digital access to the NNC has been much appreciated. The NNC lags behind the APC in convincing digital media to take on responsibility for community standards and ethical journalism, but that picture is beginning to change.

The APC’s president and CEO, Professor David Weisbrot, visited Toronto a few months ago and had extensive consultations with NNC’s president, John Fraser, as the structures of the new NNC were being established. That link has been maintained, although Fraser was unable to attend to the Australian celebration because of conference conflicts in Canada.