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The National NewsMedia Council answers modern concerns about credible news sources and thorny questions of journalism credentials.

We support journalists and news organizations through a variety of services and resources. Our complaints process is fair, transparent, and accountable, with a goal of resolving issues rather than finding fault. In making decisions, we have regard for your code of conduct, generally accepted journalistic and ethical standards, and past decisions of press councils as appropriate.

As an alternative to legal action, complaint resolution serves members of the news media as well as public. Our record of decisions demonstrates ongoing need for the NNC’s role both in complaints resolution and as an impartial body that offers a ‘seal of approval’.

In addition to our mediation services, members get access to our pre-publication ethics services as well as online resources, including discounts on online courses. Our public education work includes one-on-one sessions and seminars. We are a resource for small, independent, and campus papers, as well as for larger papers and digitals facing new concerns about ethics and the impact of social media.

To learn more, or to join the NNC, send an email to Brent Jolly, managing director, at: