George E. Lafond

Public Member

George E. Lafond head shot

George E. Lafond is a member of the Muskeg Lake (Treaty 6) Cree Nation in Saskatchewan. He was raised in the community by his mother, one of the first women chiefs to hold office in Canada, the late Senator Alpha Lafond, and his father, a veteran of WWII and the Korean Conflict, Albert Lafond, along with his brothers and sisters and extended family.
George has been involved in community development and service in a variety of roles during his professional career. He worked in recreation at the band level, obtained a teaching degree and taught high school in Saskatoon, and has been both the elected Tribal and Vice-Tribal Chief for the Saskatoon Tribal Council. George has been involved in many initiatives to bring innovative community, economic and social development to First Nations peoples in Saskatchewan and Canada.
George has sought out partnerships and encouraged community initiatives to better serve and reflect the participation and involvement of First Nations peoples in all aspects of the life of Saskatchewan.
A life-long supporter and participant in sports and recreation, George has coached hockey, baseball and other sports at all levels, from novice to midget, and firmly believes that the lessons from the locker room of persistence and commitment can help boost the resilience of First Nations individuals, families and communities.
George believes that reconciliation is a key theme for the work of this generation of leaders and that building a common understanding of the treaty relationship, treaty history and the spirit and intent of treaties is at the core of what reconciliation means. He hopes to bring that commitment, his grounding in community and the broader life of the province, to his role and to serve the parties as Treaty Commissioner.

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