2016-13R: Theule vs Globe and Mail

Issue: alleged conflict of interest

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The National NewsMedia Council has dismissed a complaint about an alleged conflict of interest in a Globe and Mail article.

The complainant, Gerrit Theule, alleges the paper violated conflict of interest. He says an article about a CRTC ruling about Super Bowl ads fails to disclose that CTV, which carried the 2016 Super Bowl, and the Globe and Mail, which carried the opinion piece, are both owned by Bell Media.

The Globe and Mail’s public editor responded by pointing out that the Bell Media share in the Globe and Mail was bought out several months prior.

The NNC reviewed Globe and Mail standards and a business news article provided by the Globe related to the issue.

The NNC recognizes that the Globe and Mail no longer has a financial relationship as a Bell Media property, and as such there is no conflict of interest and no basis for a complaint.