2016-21: Suzanna Meyer vs Wallaceburg Courier Press

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A complaint about an editorial cartoon has been dismissed by the National NewsMedia Council.

Suzanna Meyer complained about the Donato cartoon published in the Wallaceburg Courier Press on
March 24, 2016, saying that freedom of expression is a right, but sensitivity toward the holy should be

The cartoon showed two figures, taken to be God and Jesus, making comment on the American political
situation. The cartoon portrayed the Jesus character crying because his US Supreme Court
recommendation was turned down by the Republicans.

When told about the complaint, the managing editor contacted the community papers editor, who
offered to print the complainant’s objection as a letter to the editor.

The complainant agreed to submit a letter to the editor.

In dismissing the complaint, Council noted the paper recognized the complainant’s desire to express her
opinion about the limits of freedom of speech and offered a mutually agreeable venue to do so.