National NewsMedia Council debuts new ‘True Confessions’ podcast

The National NewsMedia Council is proud to present the first episode of our Acts of Journalism podcast.
The first season of the Acts of Journalism podcast is titled True Confessions, which riffs off of the imagery of the renowned 1940s and 1950s noir magazines often placed near grocery store checkout counters.
The series offers a frank discussion about the professional and ethical dilemmas encountered by many of Canada’s most prominent journalists during their storied careers. During the in-depth conversations, journalists ‘come clean’ about editorial mistakes, misjudgments, and/or ethical dilemmas. In short, we offer a forum where respected reporters can take ‘a mulligan’.
In talking about these ‘do-overs’, the goal of this podcast is not vindictive, but a chance to allow veterans to show young journalists that everyone, at some point in their career, commits errors. The purpose is not to focus on the mistakes made, but how one goes about correcting them and setting the record straight. In that way, True Confessions is rehabilitative of the soul.
Our first episode features a conversation with agent provocateur Jesse Brown from Canadaland.
It is available on your favourite podcast app, including: iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher.