The NNC invites members to participate in its first general membership survey

The National NewsMedia Council is distributing its first general membership survey to its nearly 600 members. 

The objective of this survey is two-fold. First, the NNC is keen to identify what additional guidance or resources, related to journalism standards, member publications would find helpful. The second objective is to gauge the current state of news literacy efforts within Canadian publications and how those efforts could be strengthened.  

The survey is composed of nine (9) questions. We expect it should take member publications approximately 10 minutes to complete. 

While this survey is not anonymous, responses will not be publicly attributed to any specific individual or news organization. In completing this survey, members consent to having an NNC staff member follow up with them on issues raised in their responses. 

The link to the survey will be shared with members in a separate email. If you didn’t receive the survey, or would like us to resend you a copy, please contact us at:

You are also welcomed to share any additional feedback to staff at that same address.