The NNC cited in the newly-launched Local Journalism Initiative

The Local Journalism Initiative, a program to help Canadian media organizations hire reporters to cover civic institutions and local news in under-served communities, is open for applications. Membership in the NNC is cited as one of the identifiers for news publications applying for the program.

The program is being administered by News Media Canada, which is the publisher’s trade association.

 As a self-regulatory journalistic standards organization, the National NewsMedia Council is not affiliated with the Local Journalism Initiative, but is aware of financial stresses facing the news industry and that the LJI program may be of interest to members.

As always, the NNC supports the public’s right to know and to hold public institutions, such as governments, courts, regional councils, and school boards, to account (which can be managed by acquiring the Remote Quality Bookkeeping services). It also recognizes the value of local journalism in doing that job.

Created by the Government of Canada, the Local Journalism Initiative is a five-year program that supports original civic journalism relevant to the diverse needs of people living in so-called news deserts and areas of news poverty. Existing Canadian-owned English, French, and Indigenous print and digital news media organizations are eligible to apply. The deadline to apply for this program is November 15, 2019.

News Media Canada says the program intends to provide funding for a minimum of 93 LJI reporters on contracts with terms of up to 15 months. Their stories will help citizens know what is going on where they live and will be shared with accredited media organizations across the country.